Wayne Chunat

Wayne J. Chunat is a retired parks and recreational professional and a graduate of Kent State University, earning a BA in Biology and Zoology, who is now pursuing his interests in wildlife art.
Wayne's earliest desire was to become a biological illustrator. However, he was unable to obtain a formal degree in art. But after graduating from college, he became an interpretive Naturalist with the Cleveland Ohio Metro Parks, the beginning of a career in park services that would be his profession for the next thirty years.

During this time he never forgot his dream of becoming an artist, continuing to paint on his own while following his career into park administration. Except for a few college-level art classes and some select workshops, Wayne is a completely self-taught artist. He first concentrated on birds in transparent watercolor and subjects depicted as a vignette. The ensuing years led him to acrylics, oils. intaglio and now sculpture. Subjects now include all species of flora, fauna, landscapes and occasionally historic structures.

My StudioWayne has no definable style when painting. He will vary the technique, medium and surfaces to let the subject and the mood determine how he portrays his subject. He may chose a loose spontaneous transparent watercolor using various tricks to draw the viewer into the painting. He also uses acrylics, sometimes handled as loose watercolors to softly build the painting with water thin glazes, one layered upon the other. When he paints with oils, he might use a traditional impasto, other times, thin transparent layers. Experimentation with the media can make his works truly different.